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About Us

Withers Environmental Consultants is a dynamic professional environmental consultancy based in Stellenbosch. The Company strives to be the environmental consultancy of choice in the Western Cape, and to provide high quality integrated  environmental services to the alternative energy, land development, mining, industrial, and local government sectors.

The consultancy offers a range of experience in various aspects of environmental concern, ranging from the use of Bioregional Planning Principles in environmental planning for Spatial Planning projects (such as Spatial Development Plans for local Municipal areas and Regional Planning for larger District Municipalities), through to undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments for a wide range of development projects in accordance with the Integrated Environmental Management procedure in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) and other relevant legislation. The services offered by Withers Environmental Consultants also include environmental control officer site supervision, environmental auditing, and compliance assessments of the physical construction of projects.

The consultancy’s mission statement is as follows:
To be the preferred Environmental Consultancy in the Western Cape.

The consultancy’s vision is as follows:

Withers Environmental Consultants is an independent, dynamic environmental consultancy, which is committed to facilitating the implementation of the principles of sustainable development  and objective environmental decision-making.

Withers Environmental Consultants’ role in development projects and planning initiatives is to facilitate a process whereby objective scientific study and evaluation determines the environmental constraints and opportunities to be taken into consideration for achieving sustainable development. The company facilitates the implementation of the principles of sustainable development which enables decision-makers to make informed and responsible decisions regarding development options and to formulate sound planning policies.

The Company strongly subscribes to the view that long term sustainability can be achieved by adopting a practical, holistic approach to development planning and the judicious management of the natural and man-made landscape.  Such a holistic approach to development planning can only be achieved by integrating the disciplines of urban and regional planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and engineering together with the environmental sciences (biophysical and socio-economic disciplines).

1 The term "integrated" implies that it pulls together social, economic, biophysical, spatial, cultural and political concerns into a single set of processes, in which the relationship between these concerns is considered. Withers Environmental Consultants has a wide association with the above specialist disciplines.
2 Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, or it is development that improves the quality of human life within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems.

Withers Environmental Consultants strives to uphold the following core values:

We are committed to assisting our clients to use natural resources in such a manner that it does not jeopardize the availability of recourses for generations to come.
We strive to consider the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) in every project we undertake as well as in our business as a whole.
We strive to do what is right, and to uphold high ethical standards, which includes honesty, openness and respect.
We are committed to excellence and to deliver a high quality service.
We strive to continuously improve the quality of our service.
Team work
We realize the collective value of teamwork and participation and aim to be effective and efficient team/project managers and/or members.

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About Us

Withers Environmental Consultants is a professional environmental consultancy providing a wide range of specialist expertise in the integrated environmental field to the land use and development planning, civil engineering and environmental fraternity, and local and government authorities.... read more